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Kageyama’s lovely smile


please examine this page. please notice this very important thing.

  • in the panel where kenma sneezes he tosses his phone.
  • notice kuroo looking concerned in the background.
  • in the next panel, kuroo is holding a phone and looking proud of himself.
  • conclusion: kuroo caught kenma’s phone in mid-air and wants recognition for his deeds.
  • therefore, please recognize and appreciate kuroo, who saved kenma’s phone from certain disaster with his catlike reflexes
  • that will be all
  • thank you for your time

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"I’ve been in service as a pageboy. My name is, er…F-Finnian."


I'm Urara . . . I'm an alien


rei at the beginning of season 1: swimming is not beautiful, there is nothing you can say that will make me join the swim club

rei at the end of season 2: captain of the iwatobi swim club

i need a moment here 


12 days of snk✦favorite male

armin arlert

Kuroko No Basket Solo Mini Album Vol. 1-5